Justin Falco

Winemaker | Proprietor

Dr. Denis Nekipelov

Vineyard Czar

Captain Phil

Hello there! I am the official Welding Wino of Montifalco! Welding is my profession and wine is my passion.

Being one who regularly partakes in dry wine after a hard day of being at the shop,

I always look forward to spending the weekend sharing what Montifalco has to offer.

A good, strong Malbec is my favorite wine and you will find it in our Red Meritage.


My husband & I moved to Virginia 40 years ago. We fell in love with the natural beauty & history of the Charlottesville area and raised our family here. A few years later we discovered the Monticello AVA! There is so much great wine in this area and I’m so glad to be pouring some of the best of it at Montifalco. This is a unique, small vineyard experience. I invite you to relax at the winemaker’s home overlooking the vineyard and enjoy a glass (or two!)


I love dry reds, especially our Cabernet Sauvignon, and I particularly enjoy our Resilient.  During my free time, I like to read, play video games, go on hikes and camping trips, and explore other wineries.  I also love traveling, Harry Potter, and spending time with my loved ones and dog.  I foster kittens as well, and work in Information Technology at my full time gig :)


West Coast Roots...

Until 2013, I spent most of my adult life living in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was there where I answered to the call of the wine siren. In 2008 I said farewell to my clean clothed corporate IT career and became a harvest intern at Donkey & Goat Winery in Berkeley, CA. The immersive and labor intensive hours gave me a new appreciation of wine. 

In 2009 I attended what was formerly the French Culinary Institute, now known as the International Culinary Center, where I graduated with a Level II Sommelier Certification from the Court of Master Sommeliers. I had the honor of being taught by some of the world's top Master Sommeliers who instilled in me the importance of humility.

My California palate was forever changed and I found myself in love with Old World wine. 

East Coast Terroir...

Originally from Greenwich, Connecticut, I have returned to the East Coast and now call the beautiful Monticello American Viticultural Area of Virginia, home. I am committed to caring for the vineyard, creating small batch boutique wines that stand out, while continuing the high service standards that have given us a humbling reputation as one of the best winery hospitality experiences in Central Virginia.

Old World Tradition...

Each year I travel to Europe and other old world wine regions in search of new wines to offer in the tasting room alongside the Montifalco Vineyard Virginia wines. During my travels I'm reminded of the traditions of my Italian family that inspire me. Listening to growers and winemakers tell their generational vintage stories has given me priceless insight and reverence for old world winemaking. That old world insight is what I strive to apply to Montifalco Vineyard's vintages in our challenging new world growing environment.   

I invite you to make a reservation, visit, taste and let me share the stories of the vines, wines and their origins with you. 

Sincerely yours,

 Justin Falco


1800 Fray Road

Ruckersville, va 22968