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Justin Falco


Owner & Operator

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Dr. Denis Nekipelov

Vineyard Manager

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Montifalco Manageress

My family and I moved to the Piedmont area in 1998.  Shortly after, my husband and I began exploring the local wineries. My appreciation for good wine resulted in 10 years of employment in the industry and I have learned so much. Wine is a beautiful harmony of nature, art and science and those three components are combined flawlessly at Montifalco Vineyard. I am thrilled to be part of the Montifalco family where their passion and commitment to producing superior wines is unsurpassed. 



Vin Connoisseuress

I have been in the Virginia wine industry for 8 years, and my knowledge and love for wine has grown so much since working at Montifalco Vineyard. From the lush vineyard farming to the skilled winemaker, every aspect of Montifalco's wine production inspires me. Join me in celebrating the artistry and elegance of Montifalco's wines, as we continue to explore and savor the fruits of this exceptional terroir. Cheers to the beauty of Virginia wines and the magic of Montifalco!



Head of

Mischief Management

Wyatt leads the winery's efforts in spreading joy, laughter, and a touch of mischief throughout the vineyard and tasting room. He is our official ambassador of mischief, spreading goodwill and merriment to fellow wine enthusiasts.

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Ninja & Latte

Our Yin & Yang winery cats


West Coast Roots
Until 2013, I spent over a decade living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Having Sonoma and Napa in my backyard helped fuel my passion for wine. In 2008 I said farewell to my clean clothed IT career and joined the winemaking team at Donkey & Goat. To this day I still use many of the winemaking techniques they taught me. The immersive education and hands on experience prepared me for my own brand (originally Falco Vino).  
2009 was my first vintage.  

While in California, I received the Level II Sommelier Certification from the Court of Master Sommeliers. I had the honor of being taught by some of the world's top Master Sommeliers who instilled in me the importance of humility in the study of wine and hospitality. I found myself in love with Old World wine. 

East Coast Terroir
Originally from Greenwich, Connecticut, I have returned to the East Coast and now call the beautiful Monticello Wine Region home. I am committed to caring for my three vineyards, crafting small batch, approachable wines but with distinct personality, while maintaining our high service standards that have given us a humbling reputation as one of the best farm winery hospitality experiences in Virginia.

Old World Tradition
Each year I travel to France, Switzerland and other Old World wine regions. I have been inspired by and trained on certain grape growing and winemaking techniques passed down by multi-generational family wineries, particularly in Switzerland's Geneva canton and France's Southern Rhône Valley. Those techniques are what I apply to all Montifalco vintages. 
Listening to the families' different vintage experiences over the years has given me a unique insight and reverence for Old World winemaking.
In addition to my Virginia vineyard
s, I have a vineyard located in Lodi, CA where for specific vintages I source Rhone and Bordeaux grapes for my winemaking. 
I invite you to visit, taste and let us share the stories of the vines, wines and their origins with you.
Your friend & winemaker


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1800 Fray Road

Ruckersville, va 22968


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